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Tournament: Get5Bass Summer Series

August 7th, 2021

Lake Dardanelle


Angler: Frank Leone - 3rd place - 5 bass - 14.74 pounds - $190.00


Practice: No Practice for this one...


Tournament: When I got everyone taken off, I headed up to my starting spot. I was glad to see lower (but still good flow) and lower water levels. I hit a school right off the bat. Caught 4 keepers (including a good 4 pounder) and several shorts. I was off to a good start, just had to keep the ball rolling. After a couple of fruitless stops, I caught a break and caught a nice 2.75 pounder that hit right at the boat! Haven't caught a lot of breaks this year, so this was a nice change. Anyway, it felt great to have 5 in the boat early. During the next 4 hours I was only able to make one good cull and was sputtering. Finally, as I was making my way back downriver, I caught another break. Pitched my jig into a run-in and my line got that spongy feeling. Set the hook and got another 4-pounder in the boat. Not gonna lie, I was pumped!!!  


Keeper count:


2 Keepers: Leone's Toad Jig by Rope; Denali Lithium 7'4 MH; 16 Lb. Sunline Sniper FC

2 Keepers: C-rigged Big Bite Baits Creature; Denali Kovert 7'4 H; 16 Lb. Sunline Structure FC

1 Keeper: Spro Fat Papa 55 MD; Denali Attax 7'2 CB; 12 lb. Sunline Crank FC

1 Keeper: Big Bite Baits 10" B2 Worm; Denali Lithium 7'4 H; 18 Lb. Sunline Power2C FC

1 keeper: Spro Fat Papa 55 SB: 1 keeper - Denali Lithium 7' M CB; 14 pound Sunline Crank FC


Final Thoughts: A great summer day on the water!!!



See ya' on the flip side... 


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