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Tournament: Get5Bass Summer Series

June 19th, 2021

Lake Dardanelle


Angler: Frank Leone - 11th place - 5 bass - 8.02 pounds 


Practice: No Practice for this one....


Tournament: Coming into this one, I was constantly on the Corps app checking flows. When I woke up, there was alot more flow than predicted and I knew this would affect my plans. When I got everyone taken off, I headed out to the main river to get around some flow. Had a quick start and had 5 by 7:15 AM. Unfortunately, I lost my next bite, and it looked like a good one. It was one of those losses that you couldn't do anything about, so I shook it off. Caught a couple more keepers that wouldn't cull by 8:00 AM, then hit a long dry spell. Finally, around noon, I thought the dry spell had ended. I tossed my crankbait right on the edge of the rocks and a good one hits it before I got a crank in. The fish got tangled up in the rocks and I thought for sure I was going to lose him when he comes running out of there. The fish made a run at the boat and broke me off. The line was surely frayed from all that thrashing in the rocks.... My goose was cooked...


Keeper count:


9 keepers: Spro Fat John 60 SB - Denali Attax 7'2 M CB; 16 pound Sunline Crank FC


1 keeper: Leone's Toad Jig - Denali Lithium 7'4 MH; 16 pound Sunline Sniper FC


Final Thoughts: Just wasn't my day!



See ya' on the flip side... 


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