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Tournament: Get5Bass Solo Series

April 11th, 2021

Lake Dardanelle


Angler: Frank Leone - 5th place - 11.64 pounds 


Practice: No Practice for this one.


Tournament: When I got everyone taken off, I headed to my old stomping grounds in the mid-lake area. So many great memories up there and I figured it would be on... Well on the 3rd flip it was and I was on the board with a good solid keeper. Except for losing a 3-pounder, the first hour was awesome and I put 4 keepers in the boat. Hadn't even hit the juice yet... I was pumped! Anyway, the juice wasn't so juicy on this day. I bounced around quite a bit and decided to hit my first bank again, where I filled out my limit. From there I decided to head down the lake and hit an area where I caught them 2 weeks ago. It was slow, but I was able to make a couple of decent culls. With area 2 milked out, I headed to another area and was unable to get another bite. I knew my goose was cooked...


Keeper count:


Big Bite Baits Cane Stick: 6 keepers - Denali Lithium 7' MH; 16 pound Sunline Sniper FC


Leone's Toad jig: 2 keepers - Denali Lithium 7'4 MH; 16 pound Sunline Sniper FC


Final Thoughts: Always a disappointment when I don't cash a check in an April tournament. I didn't fish clean and after the first hour I failed to make the right adjustments to put me in check range. Still a beautiful day on the water!



See ya' on the flip side... 


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