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News: 05/14/22

"Out of the Box"

Denali Fishing Introduces the "Lithium Pro" Line of Rods


Introducing the Denali Lithium Pro!!!

With input from their pro staff, Denali redesigned their popular Lithium line of rods for 2022. By removing the silver graphics and changing to a new IM8+ blank, the total weight of the rod was reduced by 20%! Other changes include a reduced number of guides in some cases. This actually can improve casting accuracy, especially when flipping and pitching. Denali also added their new hook keeper to this line of rods, further improving the overall design.


Denali's new hook keeper was added to the Lithium Pro Line!!!

The model I've been testing is the 7'0 Medium Heavy. This rod has been great for flipping around soft plastics this spring. I've tested it side by side against the old Lithium 7'0 MH, and I can confirm the new Lithium Pro's are indeed an upgrade from their predecessors. Although the bling is gone, the new Lithium Pro's represent an upgrade in performance and a new sleek appearance!!! Check out all 17 models at


An ol' Dardanelle "Head" caught on the new Denali Lithium Pro!!!

News: 04/17/22

"Out of the Box"

Denali Fishing Introduces the "Android" Line of Rods


Welcome to the Future! Denali's Android Line of Rods!!!

At first sight, Denali's new line of Android Rods scream the future. However, it's the components of the Android which make it a unique and modern fishing rod. Denali used 36 T mult directional graphite as the blank. This makes the Android very lightweight and sensitive. The next step was to add royal titanium guides. These guides are very light and improve line flow from the reel through the rod, which greatly improves casting distance. Denali also used an EVA exposed blank reel seat to keep the rod light and add to the sensitivity. 

I recently tested the 7'4 medium heavy Android. My first impression was that it was a great rod to flip a jig with. I just loved the smoothness created by the royal titanium guides!  While it makes a great rod to flip a jig with, I could also see it being a great football jig, Carolina-rig, and big worm rod. Due to the sensitivity of the blank, this rod will excel with any presentation that requires you to drag a bait on the bottom. Check out the entire series of Denali Android Rods at


Denali Android's EVA exposed blank reel seat


A look at the royal titanium guides


A jig fish caught on the Denali Android!!!

Out of the Box




Big Bite Baits Swimbait Selection


If you're looking for soft plastic swimbaits to add to your bass fishing arsenal, Big Bite Baits has all the bases covered. Here's a look at some of their offerings:

Suicide Shad: The Suicide Shad has look and action on the hollow belly swimbaits that became all the craze in bass fishing back in the early 2000's. Perfect for weighted hooks, the Suicide Shad is versatile enough to excel at any rigging option an angler desires. Available in 3 sizes and 39 colors, there's sure to be a Suicide Shad variation that will fit into your game.



B5 Line Thru Swimbait: The B5 is a 5-inch line through swimbait with great swimming action. Try this one for big pre-spawners and you just might get a few more lunkers in the boat. The B5 is available in 8 fishing colors. 

Pro Swimmer: The Pro Swimmer is a great option for A-rigs and ball head jigs, yet it's versatility is similar to the Suicide Shad. The Pro Swimmer is available in 4 sizes and 22 colors. 

Those are just three of Big Bite's options when it comes to swimbaits. To view their entire selection, visit

Out of the Box




Suniline: Essential Buyer's Guide for 2022


Sunline's motto is "The strength to guarantee your confidence" for a reason. It's simply the best fishing line on the planet! Here's a look at what line I'll be fishing with  in 2022:

FC Sniper: Sunline's most versatile fluorocarbon is Sniper. This is my "go to" choice for fishing a jig or Texas-rigged soft plastics.

Crank FC: If you are cranking, you owe it to yourself to try Crank FC. Not only does Crank FC have the perfect amount of stretch for cranking, but it has the p-ion coating, which increases castability and durability. 

FX2 Braid: FX2 is the perfect braid for throwing a frog or swimjig into heavy cover. Also great for flipping around grass. 

XPlasma Asegai Braid: Asegai braid is awesome for throwing walking topwaters and buzzbaits. P-ion technology adds to its castability. 

Dostrike FC: Designed to specifications of Brett Hite, Dostrike is the perfect line for vibrating jigs. Also great for spinnerbaits.

The lines mentioned above are just a few of the products available from Sunline. To view all of their products, visit

News: 11/13/21

Not your average trailer: The Big Bite Baits Kamikaze Swimon


Every once in a while, you see a new bait that you know is going to help you put fish in the boat. Such was the case for me when I laid eyes on the Big Bite Baits Kamikaze Swimon. The Swimon has a perfect baitfish profile, but what makes it so great is the action it adds to your bladed jig. The shimmy in the Swimon tails add a little rocking action to the bladed jigs action, which can help you get more bites. The Swimon is also extremely durable, and you can often fish a whole day with just one trailer. If your looking for a trailer for your bladed jigs, give the Swimon a try. They come in 17 colors and two different sizes, so there's a Swimon for your "go to" setup. For more info, check them out at

Out of the Box


See More with Sunline's Power2C Fluorocarbon


Sunline's Power2C Fluorocarbon!!!

Sunline is making it easier than ever to detect those subtle bites with its new Power2C Fluorocarbon. Not only is Power2C very sensitive with low stretch, but it has a unique coloring system which makes it easier to see. Power2C has alternating sections of 12" of orange and 48" of clear, allowing the angler to better see their line to detect those lite bites. Tested and proven effective by Elite Series Pro Jason Christie, Power2C will help you put more bass in the boat! Power2C is available in 16, 18, 20, 22, and 25 lb test and comes in 165 yard spools. For more info on Power2C, check out

"Out of the Box"


It's All in the Name: Big Bite Baits BFE


The Big Bite Baits BFE!!!

The Big Bite Baits BFE (Best Flipper Ever) was designed by former Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Bradley Hallman, to be your next "go to" bait for pitching and flipping. Comingn in at 4.5" inches in length, the BFE is the perfect size for imitating crawfish, which are a staple in the diets of bass. The BFE was built with a ringed body (with a hook slot), two small claw like appendages, two anntena like appendages, and a beaver-like tail. During my testing, the bait performed well with either a 4/0 extra wide gap hook or a 4/0 flipping hook. While using the extra-wide gap hook, I either let the 

hook rest in the hook slot, or "Texpose it in the slot, depending on the thickness of the cover that I am fishing. When using the flipping hook, I bury it in the body. The BFE has a subtle gliding action similar to a tube. This action gets the bait bit on a regular basis! The BFE is available in 14 fish catching colors. Check them out at 


A nice one on the BFE!!!

"Out of the Box"


For More Feel, try Sunline Structure FC


Sunline's Structure FC Will give you more feel!!!

Like to drag a Carolina-rig? How about a football jig on a hump? Texas-rigged worm off of a drop? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then Sunline's Structure FC is for you! Structure FC was made specifically for all three of the techniques above, and it's special properties set it apart from other line. First, Structure FC is made of Sunline's high density E-2 material, which gives it increased sensitivity. Structure FC is also made with very little to no stretch, making hook sets instantaneous and more effective. Last, but not least, Structure FC is built with a triple-resin process which allows it to be more abrasion resistant. 

During recent testing on Lake Dardanelle, Structure FC passed with flying colors and helped me bag a couple of nice keepers on a Carolina-rig. I was especially impressed with it's smooth casting nature. If you love to drag baits on the bottom, check out Sunline's Structure FC at your favorite retailer.

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