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News: 06/22/21

Rob Stone and Ricky Ellis Win the Fish 'N Stuff TNT Tournament on the Arkansas River@L.R.


Rob Stone and Ricky Ellis Win on the Arkansas River!!!

Story provided by Roberta Cranston

TNT  was held at Murray park with great weather and full moon. $1,000.00 went to winners

Next tournament will be June 29- Tuesday


  1. Rick Ellis and Rob Stone -  12.12 pounds

  2. Jeff Grappe and Gary Chapman - 12.05 pounds

  3. Allen Stewart and Matt Lea - 11.83 pounds

News: 06/20/21

Stephen Tyson, Jr. Wins the TBF Arkansas/Oklahoma District Championship on Millwood Lake


Stephen Tyson, Jr. Wins on Millwood Lake!!!

Story provided by Phillip Austin

80 anglers, made of representatives from Arkansas and Oklahoma, converged on Millwood Lake, in southwest Arkansas, the weekend of June 19 & 20 to compete in The Bass Federation District 6 National Semifinal tournament.

The angler were competing for 4 spots in The Bass Federation National Championship tournament next spring.


Congratulations to Stephen Tyson Jr (Arkansas Boater) and Jeff Stephenson (Arkansas Non-boater) for the wins on Millwood Lake.

Stephen Tyson Jr and Jeff Stephenson will be representing Arkansas next spring in the TBF National Championship.


Congratulations to the top Oklahoma anglers. Dean Matts (Oklahoma Boater) and Shawn Lewis (Oklahoma Non-boater). Dean and Shawn will represent Oklahoma in the TBF National Championship.


Boater Top 3 – 2 Day Total

1– Stephen Tyson Jr (AR)   31.03 lbs

2- Doug Thompson (AR)     27.66 lbs

3- Blake Wilson (AR)            26.74 lbs

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 1st - Non-Boater - Jeff Stephenson

Non - Boater Top 3 – 2 Day total

  1. Jeff Stephenson  (AR)     18.24 lbs

  2. Andy Brown (AR)             16.99 lbs

  3. Austin Rose   (AR)            16.82 lbs

News: 06/19/21

Jon Foster Case and Mat Higby Win the Caleb Watson Open on Lake Dardanelle

Results provided by Jack Chesser

Caleb Watson Open Results:

1st- J. Foster  M. Higby -  16.07 pounds

2nd  M. Rhinehart - 15.82 pounds

3rd C. Williams  - 14.98 - pounds

BB J. Dimas - 5.08 pounds

News: 06/19/21

Jeremy Claypool Wins the Beaver Lake Elite Series Tournament on Beaver Lake

Jeremy Claypool topped 145 anglers fishing the Beaver Lake Elite Series tournament on Beaver Lake by catching 5 bass that weighed 14.21 pounds. The bite was good and lots of great fish crossed the scales. Here's a look at the top finishers:

1st - Jeremy Claypool - 5 - 14.21 pounds

2nd - Jonathan Luigs - 5 - 12.47 pounds

3rd - Jeff Lodwick - 5 - 12.40 pounds

3rd - Mark Mahaffey - 5 - 12.40 pounds

5th - Jeremy Bowman - 5 - 12.28 pounds

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