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2023 Tournament Schedules

News: 12/10/22

2023 Get5Bass Team Trail Schedule

All events launch/weigh-in at Illinois Bayou Park

March 26th, 2023 - Lake Dardanelle

April 16th, 2023 - Lake Dardanelle

May 21st, 2023 - Lake Dardanelle

June 11th, 2023 - Lake Dardanelle

July 9th, 2023 - Lake Dardanelle (Championship)

More Details Soon!!!

Arkansas Couples - 2023

March 26th - Lake Ouachita

April 23rd -  DeGray Lake

May 7th - Greers Ferry Lake

June 25th - Lake Dardanelle

July 26th -  Ar River Nlr

August 20th -  Nimrod Lake

Championship October 7&8 - Ouachita


Membership is $75 per couple 

Entry fee is $135 per tournament


Call me if you have any questions

Vince 501 607 3475

2023 TBF of Arkansas Schedule


February 19th---Lake Hamilton

March 11th -----Greers Ferry

April 15th - Bull Shoals

 See more on Facebook “The TBF of Arkansas” or on the web at

Mr. Bass of Arkansas - 2023

February 12th - Lake Hamilton

March 12th - Millwood Lake

April 16th - Greers Ferry Lake

June 4th - Lake Ouachita

September 30th - October 1st - Classic

Trader Bill's Team Trail 2023

February 11th - Lake Ouachita

March 4th - Lake Greeson

April 1st - Lake Hamilton

May 20th - Championship

MLF BFL 2023

February 25th - Lake Ouachita

March 25th - DeGray Lake

April 22nd - Lake Hamilton

June 17th - Lake Dardanelle

September 23rd and 24th - Lake Hamilton

Sherwood Bass Club 2023

February 18th - Lake Ouachita

March 18th - Arkansas River@Dumas

April 15th - Greers Ferry Lake

May 20th - DeGray Lake

June 17th - Arkansas River - Pool 9

July 15th - White River - Des Arc

August 19th - Nimrod Lake

September 16th - Arkansas River@ Little Rock

October 14th and 15th - Classic


ATHTOCBC Southeast Arkansas Team Trail Schedule - 2023


March 11-Lake Chicot

March 25 - Cane Creek

April 8- Ark River Pine Bluff Harbor

May 6- Clear Lake (England, AR)

June 3- Ark River Tar Camp

July 15- Ark River Rising Star

August 5- Atkins Lake (Pine Bluff)

Sept 23- Ark River Dumas


October 21- Championship Ark River ? Must fish or Pay for 5 tournaments to qualify.


Any questions call or Text: Wes Mccullough 870-267-3742


Entry fees will be $100 per boat this year. That will include a mandatory $10 big bass pot per boat and a mandatory $10 Trash fish pot per boat.


Membership fees are $50 per team.


Angler of the year points will be kept as a team this year. Each team may have a substitute angler twice. There will be a $25 substitute fee each time. After the two times one of the two original anglers must fish solo.

Arkansas River Rat Circuit 2023

March 19th Illinois Bayou 

April 23rd Illinois Bayou 

May 7th Illinois Bayou 

June 4th Illinois Bayou 

July 23rd Illinois Bayou 

Aug 27th Illinois Bayou 

Championship TBA 


$120/Team Entry 

$60/Team association fee

$250/Team RATCASH optional 1 time payment — pays Top Finisher each Event 

$40/Team Big Bass of the Year

Fat Sacks Bass Club 2023


February 11th - Lake Hamilton

March 18th -  Lake Ouachita

April 15th - Lake Greeson

May 13th - DeGray Lake

June 3rd - Millwood

July 8th - Arkansas River - Redfield Pool

September 16th - Arkansas River - Dumas

Fish Off - September 30th and October 1st - Arkansas River - Dumas

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